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As part of a department-wide Data Governance initiative, iDefine was created to expose all the data elements collected from our schools and districts  as well as from external vendors.   The purpose of this tool is to allow users to explore all the data elements collected by the NH DOE and understand their purpose and usage. 

Most of the data is collected through the i4see application in the form of a submission by the schools and districts.  However, the program areas also work with other applications and interfaces that result in many data elements being collected.  The collections have been separated to serve as a reference for the schools to aid with their submission process. 

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Last Updated: 12/19/2023 8:57:22 AM
School Submissions Data Collections (i4See)

Public School Districts submit their student level data through i4see in the form of submissions according to a submission calendar. This data provides the common datasets used by all the program areas to obtain information on student membership and demographics. The details of each submission are listed below.

Collected Program Area Data Elements

Program areas within the DOE often require the use of other data sets to satisfy the requirements of federal and state regulations on their functions. These data sets can also be the result of data collected by administering their day to day operations. These data sets are grouped below by the bureau that collects this information as well as the function they serve.