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Long Description
School districts are responsible to assign and track a state assigned student identifier (SASID). Each student should receive only one SASID and the SASID should remain with the student throughout his/her education in the state of NH. If the student transfers into a school district and was previously enrolled in a NH school, then the SASID should be in the students academic folder. Alternatively, the current district must contact the prior district to identify the SASID. A new SASID should not be created for the same student.

School Districts can request a SASID one at a time through a web-based tool, or submit a comma-delimited file that requests SASIDs for multiple students at one time. To request a SASID a school district must provide the following elements for each student.

If a student already has a SASID assigned, the system will prevent the creation of a duplicate SASID and provide contact information to locate the student's SASID.

State Legislation requires that the DOE does not keep a record connecting the name and the SASID. As such it is critical that the school maintains this information as part of the permanent file for the students. After requesting a SASID the system will return the SASID along with the LASID. The school can then update the record for each LASID it submitted with the new SASID.

Sample Submission
Element IDElement NameRequiredLong Name
20LASIDRequiredLocally Assigned Student Identifier (Note: for NECAP label submissions, this field should contain the 'Assessment Type')
30SauNbrRequiredSchool Administrative Unit Number
40DistNbrRequiredDistrict Number
50SchoolNbrRequiredSchool Number
60LastNameRequiredLast Name
70FirstNameRequiredFirst Name
80MiddleNameBlanksAllowed(if NA)Middle Name
90SuffixBlanksAllowed(if NA)Suffix
100DateOfBirthRequiredDate of Birth
120TownOfBirthRequiredTown of Birth