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NH School and District Profiles

Safety Survey - Newfound Memorial Middle School
School Year:
School Safety Planning Includes
 YSafety Committee that includes staff, students, parents, citizens, police, fire, transportation, and community agencies
 YComprehensive Emergency Response Plan adopted by School Board and reviewed annually
 YMonthly fire and emergency response drills and annual bus evacuation drills
 YAnnual fire and safety inspection
Prevention Programs Include
 YSubstance abuse prevention
 YPositive Behavior Intervention System
 YSchool safety and violence prevention information provided regularly as part of staff development
 NA student-involved safety program(s) that promotes non-violent conflict resolution
Policies Include
 YWritten policies for all of the following: student behavior, including bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, truancy, violence, and weapons
 Nwritten bomb threat policy reviewed and/or updated within the last three years.
 Nwritten intruder alert policy, reviewed and/or updated within the last three years
Security Procedures Include
 NSchool resource officer(s)
 0.0Resource Officer Scheduled Hours
 YStaff members trained in aggressive behavior management
 NControlled access to facilities
 NVisitor ID badges
 YTwo-way communication via intercom or telephone between classrooms and the office
 NCriminal checks on all volunteers who work with children
School Safety-Related Incidents
 0Number of bomb threats received
 0Number of bullying incidents
Number of incidents of racial harassment
 2Student to student
 0Adult to student
 0Adult to adult
 0Student to adult
Title IX complaints
 2Number of Title IX complaints reported
Number by primary reason(s) for Title IX complaint:
 0Course offerings and access
 0Educational programs and activities
 0Employment assistance
 0Financial Aid
 0Health and insurance benefits and services
 0Marital and parental status discrimination
 2Sexual Harassment
Number of sexual harassment complaints by type of interaction:
 2Student to student
 0Adult to student
 0Adult to adult
 0Student to adult
Persistently Dangerous Schools
 0Total number of separate incidents involving any of the following:
 0Number of homicides
 0Number of first or second degree assaults
 0Number of aggravated felonious sexual assaults
 0Number of arsons
 0Number of robberies (armed, violent or threatening)
 0Number of firearms possession or sale
Student Discipline and Truancy
In-School SuspensionsOut-of-School SuspensionsExpulsions 
000Other drugs
010Weapons, other than firearms
8410Violent offenses against persons
600Violent offenses against property
500Verbal behavior (bullying, intimidating or threatening)
 1Number of students habitually truant

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