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General Information
Strafford County School: Strafford School (22100) NCES School ID: 00427
District: Strafford (507) NCES District ID: 3306420
SAU: Strafford SAU Office (105) School Web Site:
Superintendent: Robert Seaward SAU Telephone: 603-664-2842
Admin Principal: Danielle Harvey School Telephone: 603-664-2842
Address: 22 Roller Coaster Rd., Strafford, NH 03884-6662 School Fax: 603-664-5269
School Open Date: School Close Date:
School Type: Public School Grades Offered: P K 1-8
Federal Accountability Status: None Assigned  NH Adequacy Status Met: N/A 
School Report Card 2016-17
 October 1 EnrollmentAverage Class Size
Grade 1353512,378181817
Grade 2353512,885121218
Grade 3434313,309141419
Grade 4464613,612151519
Grade 5515113,718171720
Grade 6606013,722202020
Grade 7545414,102181821
Grade 8494914,075161621
Grade 90015,139   
Grade 100014,292   
Grade 110013,785   
Grade 120013,338   
Total Enrollment407407179,737   
School Safety
School Safety Incidences221,073
Total Number of Incidents336,825
No. of Incidents/1,000 students7738

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Attendance/Four-Year Graduation Rate
PreSchool Attendance Rate89.8
Elem/Middle Attendance Rate (Target: 90%)969695.1
High School Four-Year Graduation Rate (Target: 90%)89

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Teacher Quality

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School Staff
Instructional Support14146,980
Admin Support331,247
All Other Support223,241

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State and Federal Accountability

Student Achievement Trends
N is the number of students participating.
% is the percent of students scoring proficient or above.
Click on a grade to show the achievement trend for that grade.
Note: Grade 11 results are from the new SAT assessment tests and not comparable to 2014-2015
Achievement Trend
GradeContent Area2015-20162016-2017
3Reading 37494260
Mathematics 37494267
4Reading 46594250
Mathematics 46414342
5Reading 55755056
Mathematics 55535032
6Reading 52565862
Mathematics 52545848
7Reading 47745279
Mathematics 47705254
8Reading 49734965
Mathematics 49554953
NECAP and NH Alternative Assessment Science Results 2016-17
Student Assessment
* indicates total number of test takers is 10 or less.
Blank indicates no science assessment test administered.
Achievement Level (%)Science
Substantially Below Proficient (%) 10 10 18
Partially Proficient (%) 48 48 46
Proficient (%) 42 42 35
Proficient with Distinction (%) 0 0 2
Longitudinal Reports and Subgroup Reporting
Percent of students at each achievement level Math Reading Science  

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Student Achievement Data-Percent of NH Students At or Above Each Achievement Level (Based on the Winter 2015 NAEP Assessment)
NAEP achievement levels are indicated as follows: B+ for Basic or above, P+ for Proficient or above, and A for Advanced
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