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School:Pittsfield Elementary School

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General Information
Merrimack County School: Pittsfield Elementary School (26595) NCES School ID: 00509
District: Pittsfield (439) NCES District ID: 3305730
SAU: Pittsfield SAU Office (51) School Web Site:
Superintendent: Bryan Lane SAU Telephone: 603-435-5526
Admin Principal: Michael Wiley School Telephone: 603-435-8432
Address: 34 Bow St., Pittsfield, NH 03263-3405 School Fax: 603-435-7358
School Open Date: School Close Date:
School Type: Public School Grades Offered: P K 1-5
Federal Accountability Status: Focus  NH Adequacy Status Met: N/A 
School Report Card 2014-15
 October 1 EnrollmentAverage Class Size
Grade 1323213,157161617
Grade 2484813,408242418
Grade 3424213,553212119
Grade 4484813,558242419
Grade 5404013,978202020
Grade 6434313,960222221
Grade 704814,3070021
Grade 805014,3430022
Grade 906915,461   
Grade 1003814,746   
Grade 1102714,263   
Grade 1203713,671   
Total Enrollment320589183,604   
School Safety
School Safety Incidences001,000
Total Number of Incidents15356,560
No. of Incidents/1,000 students475936

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Attendance/Four-Year Graduation Rate
PreSchool Attendance Rate95.9
Elem/Middle Attendance Rate (Target: 90%)92.792.595.2
High School Four-Year Graduation Rate (Target: 90%)70.888.1

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Teacher Quality
Core Classes Taught by non-HQT00.052.434396.3
Core Classes Taught by non-HQT in High-Poverty Schools 0.0 0.0 0.9
Core Classes Taught by non-HQT in Low-Poverty Schools N/A N/A 2.1
Employed Under Emergency CredentialsN/AN/AN/AN/A20.02
Bachelor's Degree N/C 57.6 40.9
Master's Degree N/C 42.4 57.7
Degree beyond Master's Degree N/C 0.0 1.1

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School Staff
Instructional Support21417,007
Admin Support471,243
All Other Support593,535

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State and Federal Accountability

New Hampshire School Adequacy Summary
Met Input-Based Accountability System (IBAS): N/A
Met Performance-Based School Accountability System (PBAS): N/A
Performance Score: N/A
Provides Opportunity for an Adequate Education: N/A

N is the number of students participating.
% is the percent of students scoring proficient or above.
Click on a grade to show the achievement results for that grade.
GradeContent Area School State
N% N%
3English Language Arts3842 13,33055
Mathematics 3850 13,33353
4English Language Arts3944 13,19556
Mathematics 4038 13,30049
5English Language Arts3447 13,73763
Mathematics 3435 13,73445
6English Language Arts3951 13,53957
Mathematics 3832 13,58146
NECAP and NH Alternative Assessment Science Results 2014-15
Student Assessment
* indicates total number of test takers is 10 or less.
Blank indicates no science assessment test administered.
Achievement Level (%)Science
Substantially Below Proficient (%) 12 24 19
Partially Proficient (%) 41 49 46
Proficient (%) 41 25 34
Proficient with Distinction (%) 5 2 2
Longitudinal Reports and Subgroup Reporting
Percent of students at each achievement level Math Reading Science  

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Student Achievement Data-Percent of NH Students At or Above Each Achievement Level (Based on the Winter 2013 NAEP Assessment)
NAEP achievement levels are indicated as follows: B+ for Basic or above, P+ for Proficient or above, and A for Advanced
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