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General Information
Hillsborough County School: Pelham Memorial School (21110) NCES School ID: 00357
District: Pelham (425) NCES District ID: 3305550
SAU: Pelham SAU Office (28) School Web Site:
Superintendent: Eric McGee SAU Telephone: 603-635-1145
Admin Principal: Zachary Medlock School Telephone: 603-635-2321
Address: 59 Marsh Rd., Pelham, NH 03076-3160 School Fax: 603-635-2369
School Open Date: School Close Date:
School Type: Public School Grades Offered: 6-8
Federal Accountability Status: None Assigned  NH Adequacy Status Met: Yes 
School Report Card 2012-13
 October 1 EnrollmentAverage Class Size
Grade 1015713,60901718
Grade 2016413,51802018
Grade 3013513,84102219
Grade 4017313,88002519
Grade 5018014,22502221
Grade 615515514,2420021
Grade 719519514,6450022
Grade 818518514,7260022
Grade 9013616,148   
Grade 10017615,079   
Grade 11015714,475   
Grade 12013114,404   
Total Enrollment5352,034187,962   
School Safety
School Safety Incidences00943
Total Number of Incidents3516622,899
No. of Incidents/1,000 students6582122

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Attendance/Four-Year Graduation Rate
PreSchool Attendance Rate94.892.1
Elem/Middle Attendance Rate (Target: 90%)96.296.395.4
High School Four-Year Graduation Rate (Target: 90%)91.887.8

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Teacher Quality
Core Classes Taught by non-HQT149.0254.111572.1
Core Classes Taught by non-HQT in High-Poverty Schools N/A N/A 0.3
Core Classes Taught by non-HQT in Low-Poverty Schools 9.0 4.1 0.5
Employed Under Emergency CredentialsN/AN/AN/AN/A130.11
Bachelor's Degree N/C 4.3 21.0
Master's Degree N/C 5.4 26.9
Degree beyond Master's Degree N/C 0.4 0.5

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School Staff
Instructional Support18836,853
Admin Support2101,244
All Other Support2163,604

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State and Federal Accountability
AYP Status for 2012-2013 School YearContent AreaOn June 26, 2013 New Hampshire's waiver request for flexibility from certain requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) was approved for two years by the U.S. Department of Education. As a result, the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) federal accountability system and related school or district or "in need of improvement" designations were suspended in favor of a differentiated accountability system; thus, the 2012-13 report card reflects the transition. The new system sets individual performance targets (referred to as Annual Measurable Objectives) for each school and each student subgroup of 11 or more students over a six year time span, with the goal of reducing any achievement gaps by half. The waiver also focuses support on Title I schools in the greatest need of assistance, beginning in the 2013-14 school year. Click the link below for a list of designated schools:
Priority / Focus / Reward Schools
Restructure Planning/Level 4Reading
Corrective Action/Level 3Math

Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs)
SubjectStudent GroupTargetActualMet
ReadingWhole School 93.993.5Y(RC)
ReadingWhite 94.193.5Y(RC)
ReadingWaiver - Students with Disabilities only 75.172.2Y(RC)
ReadingWaiver - Economically Disadvantaged only 97.398.5Y
MathWhole School 89.589.7Y
MathWhite 90.289.3Y(RC)
MathWaiver - Students with Disabilities only 62.563.3Y
MathWaiver - Economically Disadvantaged only 98.293.1N
Y=Yes - Y(RC)=Yes(Risk Corridor) - N=No

New Hampshire School Adequacy Summary
Met Input-Based Accountability System (IBAS): No
Met Performance-Based School Accountability System (PBAS): Yes
Performance Score: 3.2
Provides Opportunity for an Adequate Education: Yes

Assessment Rankings
Ranking School TypeSubjectNbr. of StudentsIndex Score and Std ErrorIndex Score RankingNo. of Students Prior YearPrior Year Index Score and Std ErrorIndex Score ImprovementIndex Score Improvement Ranking
Elem/MiddleMath37789.7 (+/-1.1)162 of 36634588.3 (+/-1.2)1.485 of 365
Elem/MiddleRead37793.5 (+/-0.8)156 of 36634593.2 (+/-0.9)0.3153 of 365
Elem/MiddleWrite18289.7 (+/-1.3)121 of 32815986.5 (+/-1.5)3.298 of 321
Student Assessment
* indicates total number of test takers is 10 or less.
Blank indicates no science assessment test administered.
Achievement Level (%)ReadingMathematicsWritingScience
Substantially Below Proficient (%)45691415689181517
Partially Proficient (%)151615181817244235525045
Proficient (%)656456494644624644303436
Proficient with Distinction (%)1615212321228511001
Testing Participation (%)10010099100100991001009810010099
NECAP Longitudinal Reports
1) NECAP Teaching Year District Tested at Grade Comparison Reading and Math
2) NECAP Teaching Year District "Cohort" History Comparison Reading and Math
3) NECAP Teaching Year District vs. State by Tested at Grade Math Reading   
4) NECAP Teaching Year District vs. State by "Cohort" History Math Reading   
5) NECAP Teaching Year District GAP Analysis by Tested at Grade Math Reading   
6) NECAP and NH ALPs Teaching Year Average Index Score and GAP analysis Math Reading Science Writing
7) NECAP and NH ALPs Teaching Year Percent of students at each index level Math Reading Science Writing
8) NECAP and NH ALPs Teaching Year Median Student Growth Percentile (SGP) and GAP analysis Math Reading   
9) NECAP and NH ALPs Teaching Year Percent of students at each Student Growth Percentile (SGP) Grouping Math Reading   
Student Achievement Trends
N is the number of students participating.
% is the percent of students scoring proficient or above.
Click on a grade to show the achievement trend for that grade.
Achievement Trend
GradeContent Area2009-20102010-20112011-20122012-20132013-2014

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Student Achievement Data-Percent of NH Students At or Above Each Achievement Level (Based on the Winter 2011 NAEP Assessment)
NAEP achievement levels are indicated as follows: B+ for Basic or above, P+ for Proficient or above, and A for Advanced
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